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Payroll Process Outsourcing

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These days, payroll administration is no longer a simple operational task. The complexity in pay structure and the need to ensure regulatory compliance have made payroll a time-consuming and tedious chore.

With improved technology in payroll operations, it is not impossible to implement a progressive payroll infrastructure that creates a win-win situation that satisfies the company’s need to maintain complete remuneration records and the employees’ expectations for timely salary payment and accurate payslips.

TG’s suite of payroll services aims to help our clients to free up valuable talent so that these human capital assets can focus on the affairs that better add value to their organisations.

At TG Group, our team of industry experts and experienced payroll specialists approach each client with the intention to customise a solution that best meets their unique payroll needs. We have proven to deliver timely and cost- effective payroll solutions for clients, both private and public, in a wide range of industries such as F&B, transport and technology.

Our suite of payroll services include

Recruitment Solutions    Calculation of monthly payroll including allowances and claims

Recruitment Solutions    Computation of statutory contributions and submission

Recruitment Solutions    Preparation and submission of Income Tax for both local and foreign employees

Recruitment Solutions    Preparation & submission of statutory claims (Reservist, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Childcare Leave)

Recruitment Solutions    Issuance of e-payslips

Recruitment Solutions    Complimentary use of e-platform (staff, attendance, leave & benefits)

To understand how TG Group can help to improve your payroll function, contact our industry leaders now.

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